About Brent BonarBrent_Bonar

Brent has been a rod builder since childhood, building his first rod more than 30 years ago. Even then he knew it was a passion that would stay with him throughout his life.

Brent's first rod was a boron composite; a mere 6 foot, one-piece spinning rod. Early on he discovered that by redefining the rules about what a rod was meant to be, he could improve performance and allow his creativity to shine through. He started experimenting with different materials and methodologies and found there was no limit to what he could create, building custom fly rods that were not only beautiful but more effective than any production rod available.

Brent found a multitude of ways to improve a fly rod through manipulating balance, action and power. He soon learned that every rod blank has individual idiosyncrasies that can be altered to produce another type of action and performance.

Realizing that a rod worthy of being handed down for generations not only had to perform but also be pleasing to the eye. Brent became familiar with color matching and color balance, producing some of the most beautiful custom fly rods in the country.

Over the years as materials and technology changed, blanks became lighter, faster, more sensitive, and above all, obtainable to rod builders. Brent began implementing cutting edge materials into his rods and found that they were not only functional and artistic, but a technologically sound tool.

Bonar Custom Fly RodTaking a lesson from the nature he loves so much, Brent also began building hand-split bamboo fly rods. He found a huge difference in graphite, fiberglass and other composite rods compared to bamboo. Brent says the feel is on another plane and the action is incomparable. While "boo" rods are slower and softer, Brent finds that they have strength beyond any other natural material, and he enjoys the feeling of creating something from nature. Brent says bamboo rods are "made" whereas composite rods are "built." Brent fishes with both.

Today Brent's rods are built from the finest materials to be as light as possible without sacrificing power or strength. No matter how light a rod is, if it fails under load it's not much of a tool. Somewhere in the middle of the road there's a place that is not only suitable for any style of fishing, but durable enough to survive whatever the rod is subjected to. That's where a Bonar custom fly rod shines, and separates itself from any production rod on the market today.


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