Bonar Custom Built Fly Rod

Why a custom rod?

A custom rod is not for everyone. For the weekend angler a production rod is probably more than you would ever need or want. Production rods are mass produced to fit 99% of anglers. If you're one of the 1% that already has what is offered commercially, passionate about your sport and want more than what is offered, then you may be a custom rod candidate.

There are several variances that are evident when comparing a custom rod to a production rod. A production rod will suffice for the majority of anglers whereas a custom built rod will suit your every need. You will select the components that best fit your style of fishing and participate in the design and functionality of the rod you will soon own.
Custom rods are built with you in mind. From the shape and feel of the handle, blank action, power and length of the rod as well as the rod being fine-tuned to your individual needs.

Production rods are mass produced so all rods with the same length, action and power will be mirror images of one another. A custom built rod will be balanced, tuned and above all, built to your own specifications. Factories just can't afford to fine tune every rod to each individual, for obvious reasons.

Custom Fly Rod by Brent BonarProduction rods may induce fatigue over a period of time on the water due to fact that those rods are not tuned to you. Custom rods on the other hand are built to lessen fatigue, give you longer water time and allow you to feel with increased sensitivity so you catch more fish.

Custom rods can be as plain as a board on a barn or as elaborate as a high hanging chandelier. It comes down to what you want your custom built rod to be. The custom rod builder will listen and incorporate your thoughts into the rod of your choice.

Custom rods do tend to be a bit more costly than production rods but the end result is such a higher quality rod that the performance outweighs the difference in cost. By speaking with the custom rod builder you can find ways to fit a rod to your budget. Just because it's a custom built rod, doesn't make it part of the "unreachable" luxuries of life! Remember that a custom rod is not only a tool in which to snatch fish out of water but rather an heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation.


Fly Rod Builder Brent BonarWhy A Bonar Custom Rod?

Brent offers a full line of fly, spinning and casting rods tailored to suit your own needs. In his shop only top grade rods are created. He uses only the finest quality components and materials to produce the highest quality rods. Each rod is fine-tuned to your very own personal fishing characteristics and styles which you play a part in creating, from the design of the handle, choice of components and materials to the actual hand-written information that will be displayed on the rod when complete. This will be a creation that you will design together with Brent to give you the rod of your dreams!

The design of your custom built rod is limited to only one thing, creativity. If it can be an idea it can be a reality. Brent offers feather inlay and marbling among other unique ways to embellish the rod of your liking. Again, there is practically no limit to what your rod can be.

Custom Built Fly RodsBlanks:
Brent chooses blanks very carefully to match the fishing style of the potential new rod owner. Different manufacturers offer different actions and powers dependent on that type of rod and its intended use. Not all blanks are created equal. Blanks range in very light action to very heavy actions and soft power to the stiffness of a barn door. Only the new rod owner can describe the special way in which the rod-to-build will fit that need.

Guides are one area of design where top quality components will last lifetimes. If you've ever owned a commercially produced rod you know that this is an area of possible failures. Although accidents do happen, rest assured that your Bonar Custom Rod carries a lifetime, unlimited warranty to the original owner.

Handles are another area where a production rod is inferior to a custom rod. Brent uses only the highest grade cork and woods, as well as other materials in his rod building. Nothing substitutes for quality.

The finishes Brent uses will endure and will not fade over time. They are very strong yet flexible to bend with the action of the rod.


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