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Building Classes

Brent offers rod building classes and seminars for those who wish to play a bigger role in rod building.

These classes offer your choice of rod blank along with all the materials and tools to build your custom rod. That's right; you get to keep the rod and all the tools so you can build more custom rods.

Classes usually run 5 days but evening and weekend classes are also available, you only need to decide on what's best for you and your schedule.

Brent also offers classes on rod repair and embellishment - anything from replacing a guide or handle to adding feather inlay or marbling to your favorite rod.

Choices are limitless when it comes to creating and re-working rods so these classes are key to the angler/rod builder who is searching for more than is offered commonly.

The best way to learn about upcoming class locations and times is to visit Brent's blog.




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